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AutoIt Tutorial

This is a collection of hand-picked AutoIt tutorials, useful for both beginners wanting to get acquainted with the AutoIt scripting language.

Edited: 2015-12-23 15:29

AutoIt Logo

AutoIt is a freeware scripting language used primarily to automate Windows, and installers and programs on windows. The official site – – hosts a forum where you can get further help.

System administrators can use AutoIt to easily and quickly automate installers for programs, which would otherwise be tedious to install manually – especially if the install process needs to be performed on multiple computers.

AutoIt generally takes very little time to learn, and tools can quickly be developed, even with minimal knowledge of the language. Functions can quickly be looked up in the official help file, or searched for online, and how they are used is easy to understand.


  1. AutoIt Variables
  2. If Then Else and ElseIf Statements
  3. Loops in AutoIt
  4. User made Functions
  5. Function Arguments

Keyboard and Mouse

  1. Automating the Keyboard
  2. Automating the Mouse
  3. Click Minimized Windows with ControlClick
  4. Performing Pixel Searches

GUI Creation

  1. Making GUIs
  2. Disable and Enable GUI Elements
  3. Creating a list with selectable items
  4. Message Boxes
  5. Adding images to a GUI
  6. Interrupt GUI Triggered Functions

File Handling

  1. Read a file with AutoIt
  2. Write Content to a File with AutoIt
  3. How to Delete and Recycle Files With AutoIt
  4. Handling Directories with AutoIt

HTTP Requests

  1. GET Requests
  2. POST Requests
  3. Request Headers
  4. Controlling HTTP Timeouts
  5. Using Proxies


  1. Repeat mouse clicker Script
  2. Google Scraper Tool

External Links

  1. Online Documentation -
  2. AutoIt Downloads -

Syntax highlighting

Website owners may be interested in Syntax highlighting for their website, if they are publishing their scripts. This forum thread mentions a script that will output HTML to be pasted on your website: AutoIt Syntax Highlight

Another option is to use the SHJS JavaScript highlighter with Brugbarts definition file. The file still needs some work, but its a decent start. The file can be found here.