AutoIt Tutorial

Brugbarts Tutorials for AutoIt are some of the best you can find online.

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AutoIt is a freeware scripting language, used primarily to automate Windows. This tutorial on Brugbart is intended to pick up where the official documentation can be hard to understand for beginners, or doesn't provide much help.

AutoIt will not just allow you to automate Windows – you can also create GUIs, perform HTTP Requests with COM objects like WinHttpRequest.5.1, and even create programs and smaller games.


  1. AutoIt Variables
  2. If Then Else and ElseIf Statements
  3. Loops in AutoIt
  4. User made Functions
  5. Function Arguments

Keyboard and Mouse

  1. Automating the Keyboard
  2. Automating the Mouse
  3. Click Minimized Windows with ControlClick
  4. Performing Pixel Searches

GUI Creation

  1. Making GUIs
  2. Disable and Enable GUI Elements
  3. Creating a list with selectable items
  4. Message Boxes
  5. Adding images to a GUI

File Handling

  1. Read a file with AutoIt
  2. Write Content to a File with AutoIt
  3. How to Delete and Recycle Files With AutoIt
  4. Handling Directories with AutoIt

HTTP Requests

  1. GET Requests
  2. POST Requests
  3. Request Headers
  4. Controlling HTTP Timeouts
  5. Using Proxies

User Scripts

  1. Repeat mouse clicker Script
  2. Google Scraper Tool

External Links

  1. Online Documentation -
  2. AutoIt Downloads -