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How to Delete Files and Directories With PHP

This php tutorial shows how to delete files by name, and by first searching a given directory for files to be deleted.

Edited: 2014-12-28 04:36

Deleting files with PHP can be done with the unlink function. If you want to delete the entire contents of a directory, you may want to include the files in an array, then cycle trough this array with a loop, and delete the files one by one.

One of the main reasons to delete files, is to free up storage space. Deleting the entire contents of a directory is often done to make it possible to use rmdir to remove the directory itself.

Deleting a file is really simple, all you need to do, is to write the path for the file that you want to delete – an example of how to delete a .html file is shown below:


This only shows how to delete a single file, so lets show how to delete the entire contents of a given directory.

Delete the contents of a directory

To delete the contents of a directory with php, you can use the glob function to return the contents as an array, then cycle trough this array to delete files one by one.

$aFiles = glob("Cookies/*.txt");

$n = count($aFiles);
$counter = 0;
while ($counter < $n) {

You can also use a foreach loop to cycle trough the results directly, the below would delete the directory contents of "MyDirectory" one by one.

$dir = 'MyDirectory/';
  foreach(glob($dir.'*.*') as $item){

Deleting the directory contents is needed before you can delete the directory itself, which is done with the rmdir function, this is demonstrated in the below example:


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