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Handling Directories with AutoIt

Tutorial showing how to move, create, and delete directories.

Edited: 2015-02-13 00:25

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You can use AutoIt to move, delete and create folders quickly and automatically – like with most other tasks, this is accomplished with build-in functions.

Working with folders in AutoIt is very easy, as it only takes a few lines to perform tasks such as moving or deleting directories. This tutorial will teach you how to master the functions related to directory handling.

Creating a Directory with DirCreate

To create a directory, we will be using the DirCreate function, this function takes just one parameter, which is the path of the directory to be created. So if you wanted to create a folder called New Folder located in your c:/ drive, coding the script as demonstrated below should accomplish what you want. I.e.

DirCreate("c:/New Folder/")

Checking for Directory existence with DirGetSize

Checking for the existence of a directory, before attempting to create a sub-folder, can be necessary to avoid failure in the folder creation process. We will therefor make use of a simple if statement to check if the folder exists, before attempting to create a sub-folder – this we'll do using DirGetSize on the parent folder. I.e.

If DirGetSize("c:/Parent Folder/") = -1 Then
    MsgBox(48, "My Message", "Directory does not exists!")
    DirCreate("c:/Parent Folder/New Sub Folder/")

You can also reverse this if check if you want to only create the folders, when they do not exist. Attempting to create a folder that already exists, will not however, result in loosing the contents of the folder, or any errors – so if you care about whether a folder exists, you must code the checks on your own.

Moving a Directory with DirMove

If you need to move a directory, including all its contents and sub folders, you need to use DirMove. This function accepts 3 arguments, the 2 first are the source and destination paths, and the third is just a flag controlling whether the destination should be overwritten in case it already exists.

DirMove("C:\Source folder\", "C:\Parent\Destination Folder Name")

The third argument controls what is to happen if the directory in the destination path already exists, when included, it accepts a value of either 1 or 0 – where the first will overwrite the files, and the latter won't. I.e.

; move directory, and overwrite the files.
DirMove("C:\Source folder\", "C:\Parent\Destination Folder Name", 1)

If no flag was provided, the function will use its default value of 0 – which won't overwrite the files – in which case, if the destination folder already exists, nothing will be moved.

Deleting a Directory with DirRemove

To remove a folder from AutoIt scripts, we'll use DirRemove. This function accepts 2 parameters, the first is the path of the folder that we want deleted, the second parameter controls whether sub-folders should be deleted as well. You will not be able to delete a folder that still has sub-folders, unless you set the flag.

; Remove files and subdirectories of specified folder
DirRemove("C:\Parent\Destination Folder Name", 1)