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Microsoft Frontpage Replacement

Microsoft discontinued Frontpage, so what is the replacement or alternative?

Edited: 2015-12-04 11:26

Microsoft Frontpage was a popular WYSIWYG editor, and something Brugbart recommends not to use, but people still ask what happened to it, so we have this article.

What happened to Frontpage?

Frontpage was discontinued somewhere around 2006, and was replaced by a new editor called Expression Web. The new editor should adhere more closely to web standards, but like with all WYSIWYG editors, one should still be careful about what the editor actually dose to the code.

The last version of Microsoft FrontPage was FrontPage 2003.

Unlike FrontPage, Expression is now a free product which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

Alternatives to Frontpage

While WYSIWYG tools can be fine tools when used right, they just don't provide any advantage to hand-coding, copying and pasting. Their main audience are lazy designers, who usually don't care much about the code behind the design.

Brugbart has a useful list of Web Designers Tools, which includes a FTP program which can help you upload your files to your server.