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Get more followers on instagram with recently updated their layout, and added support for Instagram.

Edited: 2012-11-24 07:12 recently updated their layout, and added support for Instagram, (a social network where users can share their photos.) If you want to get more followers on Instagram, twiends just might be the right option for you!

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The recent layout change to adds two more display options, each with their own little twist added to it. The new display options works both for Instagram and twitter.

Instagram on

Instagram is a social network for iOS and Android devices only – as of the writing of this – it is not possible to create an account from their website, and start using the service from your PC.

Instagram is a social network build around sharing photos taken with mobile phones, it almost sounds to crazy for anyone to want to use it. But apparently people are more than willing to sign up, considering they already got millions of users. Instagram however, is not likely to be of much use for anything than sharing photos, turning it into a highway in the hopes of it boosting your website traffic does not seem very promising. You can however use it to get "easy" seeds that you can use to build followers on twitter. layout change

Overall, it's fine that twiends are experimenting with adding new display options for their layout, but most people likely don't care much about how the people that they follow are displayed on twiends. The detailed view option is rather nice for those who want to read a little more about who they follow, before they are following them – but most users likely don't care much – they just want to grow their numbers as fast as possible.

The update to the layout of now includes three display options when following new people.

  1. list
  2. grid
  3. detailed

Each view option has its own unique twist added to it. The list view allows you to see how many followers the user that you want to follow has. The grid view just allows you to see more people at the same time. Finally, the detailed view just allows you to read the short "Bio" text of those that you follow.

Its unknown why the follower count wasn't just included in the detailed view. The reason why this was not done, was likely to allow for a third display option.