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Mount Image as CD-ROM with DosBox

How to mount an Image file as CD-ROM with DosBox.

Edited: 2015-03-31 23:29

To mount an image file in DosBox, the IMGMOUNT command can be used. The image file needs to be placed in the directory that you mounted as the DosBox c:\ – for simplicity c:\IMAGES\ can be used.

If you haven't mounted c: yet, start by entering the following command:


You will likely need this if the program needs to install something on the computer.

Mounting an Image with IMGMOUNT

To mount an image, use the IMGMOUNT command – this command can be used to mount both .bin and .iso files.

IMGMOUNT E c:\IMAGES\MyImage.bin -t iso

If you can't find the backslash (\) on your keyboard, it will also work if you replace the backslashes with forward slashes (/).

Batch files or DosBox Options

Finally, you may want to enter these commands in the DosBox options file, so that you don't have to re-type them every time you start DosBox. New entries can be typed at the bottom of the file. Alternatively, you can create batch files which will launch the applications, and mount the relevant image file.

A batch file is just a simple .txt file with the .bat extension, they are a way to automate DOS and Windows, and usually they just contain a series of commands to be run. If you decide to use batch files, they should of cause also be placed in your DosBox c:\.