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Web Designers Tools List

List of useful freeware Tools for Web-Designers.

Edited: 2015-12-04 11:33

This Tools-list is frequently updated with new information. Most of the Software listed in this Article, is free.

Source Editors

Ok there have been a change in how i edit Source Code. Brugbart's source is getting quite big, so now i almost strictly use Notepad++ when working on Brugbart. I also had a new computer, which eliminates the time required to open up the more feature rich editors, compared to notepad in windows.

I however still use notepad for smaller, targeted edits. There likely are better editors, with support for HTML and CSS, along with Syntax Highlighting for PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and other languages.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is one of the best source editors available, and it can easily compete with commercial editors. Managing large projects is very easy, and Aptana supports many different programming languages.


Notepad++ is a free light-weight editor with support for syntax highlighting for a lot of languages, and tabbed editing. Perfect for smaller fast edits.

Image and Photo Editing Software

This is a list of editors which can be used to create web-graphics, all the tools listed are free, unless otherwise written.


If you want to use what i use, then you should have a look at the free Paint.NET.


Some features which i really miss for this to be the perfect editor to suit my wishes, is Text Layers along with a better text editor, with the possibility to edit sections of the text. The second feature would be soft, and custom brushes, which are in the works from what i was able to find out.


There are also quite a few useful plugins, which are easy to install. Some of which i would like to mention here. One being the 3dshape plugin.

Above features can be included by adding the Re-Editable Text Plugin, while soft brushes can be added through either the, Custom Brushes Plugin, or by Faking Soft Brushes and the Blur/Dodge/Burn Tool. But even though some features are missed, i generally find this editor to be more stable then gimp, and the GUI is way better.


Gimp is a free editor, with high functionality. Generally this will do everything a web designer needs, you can combine this tool with other tools listed.


This editor is very feature rich when it comes to custom brushes, you can even use soft brushes, which wasn't directly available in Paint.NET.

Sqirlz Water Reflections

SWR is a free tool to easily add rippling pools of water, rain, and snow. Something which would otherwise be very time-consuming. All Through it can have a few issues, I've used it with success a number of times. Just be careful when creating gif animations for web usage, as these can quickly get pretty large. Its also a nice editor to add a final touch to avatars, ads, and banners.

Can save each frame as a separate image, allowing you to easily import the animation into other editors. You can also save the animation as gif or flash from SWR


There is a freeware program called PNGGauntlet, which can compress the PNGs to even lower file-sizes then that of most image manipulation tools, without a loss in quality.

FTP Clients

FTP Clients are used to upload files to your hosting server.


This might be the best Free FTP Client around, check the website for a full list of features.