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1000 visitors per day on a website

This is what you can do with just 1000 visitors per day on your website.

Edited: 2012-12-19 21:34

When it comes to visitors per day, 1k visitors in a single day is a milestone for many websites. 1000 visitors per day is just around 30000 visitors in a month – considering the average number of days in a month – what of cause is most amazing, is the money you can make on adsense with that kind of traffic.

Traffic is the primary source of income for many website owners, the more traffic you got, the more money you can earn on ads on your site. Adsense is commonly used, so say you got 1000 unique visitors per day, you should be able to earn around 60$ per month on adsense ads alone. This is just a rough estimate – your true ad revenue might be higher or lower, depending on a few different factors.

Website traffic equals easy money

Of cause this is not always the case. Maybe your site requires you to release a lot of new content to keep your users interested – for some websites however, this holds true. If a lot of your content is well positioned in search engines, chances are your visitors will keep flowing in, for as long as that content is relevant to people.

If something is relevant to people, they will most likely also be searching for it, and this means continued traffic for your website. Imagine earning money practically doing nothing! This is reality for many authors, mainly trough royalty fees – with content on your websites, your revenue will only be shared with the advertising network you choose. The disadvantage perhaps, is that you often need to write much more than if you where to write an Ebook and just sell it, one of the advantages is that the content is yours, and you can do whatever you like with it.

Many will tell you that its impossible or very difficult to estimate how much a given amount of traffic will earn you, but this is mostly false. If we are talking about quality traffic, you can easily give an estimate, based on what other sites are earning.

Traffic sources

There are many ways to get traffic for your website, but when your site is new and unknown to the public, search engines will be a good place to get traffic from. The problem is that there are a lot of other sites competing with you, which is usually going to make things a lot harder.

Certain social networks will also be good traffic sources, but you will typically have invested a lot of time into them, before it will start paying off.

1000 visitors a day is a milestone

Regardless if your goal is to make money on your website or not, reaching 1k visitors per day is to be considered a milestone. Its fairly easy to reach into the hundreds of visitors, but reaching into thousands can require real effort from the website owner. Many Bloggers will likely have written thousands of blog posts to reach this traffic level.

After reaching your first 1000 visitors per day, your next goal could be 10000 per day. Setting these goals can help you decide what to do next. Operating a website does not have to be about writing only, you can also make videos to grow your website traffic. If you are a programmer, you could also create a program or game to attract more visitors!