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10000 Twitter Followers

Have you recently reached 10000 twitter followers, or are you trying to reach 10k followers?

Edited: 2012-11-20 10:12

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If you are seriously into Twitter, then you should know by now, that often more will also mean better than less! Reaching 10000 twitter followers is a milestone for a lot of users, for others it may almost seem like a drop in the ocean. Regardless, if they are true followers (followers who pay attention to you) then they are very valuable.

For many users, the road to 10k followers can be long and boring. Some users resort to spamming in an attempt to gain more followers – that is, they are posting hundreds or even thousands of tweets, in the hope of getting more followers. They likely will get more followers by doing this, but they will likely also lower the quality of their existing followers, as they are likely to gradually pay less attention to their tweets.

On the road to 10k followers

Gaining followers on twitter is usually a slow process – it can be speed up a bit trough different tools, but thats it – also, twitter does not like automated behavior, so that further limits your possibilities (unless you are willing to put your account at risk.)

Tweeting often, and engaging with existing followers, can be an important part of your presence on twitter – it can however also be very time consuming!

Spamming will not get you there much faster

Followers that you gain from spamming are more likely to be bots, or automated accounts following people tweeting certain keywords. It is better to post quality tweets – and now we are at it, what is the point in re-tweeting citations and other junk? Be original, post your own citations (if you even have to post citations in the first place.)

It might also get you banned if you tweet to often, and if your tweets are very spam-like. Perhaps the worst about spamming, is that it makes your followers pay less attention to your tweets. If all you post is re-tweets and citations, or links to content of poor quality, then why would anyone pay attention to your tweets?

10000 twitter followers – a milestone

Here on Brugbart, we are mostly interested in twitter as a tool to drive more traffic to a website – other benefits from using twitter is just a bonus. Reaching 10000 twitter followers is not the end, but its a nice start for anyone wanting to get more out of twitter, and its a nice milestone to aim for – but if you really want to turn twitter into a gold mine, then you will likely need somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. It does however also depend on your ability to engage your followers.

Getting more followers on twitter does not have to breach the following rules – while expensive to most users, one of the easiest ways to get more followers is trough advertising.