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How to Reach 10000 Visitors per Month

10000 visitors per month seems like a nice target to aim for.

Edited: 2015-12-04 10:15

Even personal websites should be able to reach the 10000 visitors per month mark. After reaching 10000 visitors per month, you may want to put your next aim at 10k visitors per weak.

There comes a certain point where it starts to get interesting to own a website, that is when you can start to earn money on your visitors. Of course this is not going to be an Article just about making money on your website, but imagine that you have been working on a project for years, to suddenly find that its self-sustaining – by self-sustaining is meant that at least all expenses are covered by revenue. That moment can be really special for someone just working on a project in their spare time.

Setting out to reach some milestones can help you stay focused. It is not so much about what you don't have, but about what you already have to offer. Your current material should be complete material – I.e. Don't release first part of a Tutorial, never to release second part. It can be a huge motivational obstacle, to know that you have unfinished work waiting for you. One way to overcome this, in case you still want to release content in parts, is to finish everything the same day, but delay the release date to keep visitors coming back. Its not necessarily a very effective tactic, but it may work sometimes, and some sites is using it.

Reaching 10000 Visitors per Month

Setting a goal about getting a certain traffic amount per month can be a good thing. It is not because 10000 visitors per month is a lot, but it is a point where a lot of sites would start to perform well with different Ad networks. Of course your next aim after reaching the 10k visitors per month, could be 10k visitors per weak.

This is likely where you can start to consider employing more aggressive tactics to reach your future goals – such as paying for advertisements for your website, (in case you ain't doing so already). There are many options today when it comes to advertising your website – social networks with the potential to be more beneficial than traditional PPC programs. The problem is figuring out where your target audience hangs out, and how to engage them with your website.

Advertising your website does not have to cost money, this is especially useful to know if you can not afford high PPC prices, or the social media "equivalent" for that matter. An alternative way to advertise your site, is to make use of mouth-to-mouth – this can require that you engage more with your audience, and that is made much easier trough social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

How Many is 10k Visitors per Month

You might think that 10k Unique Visitors in a single month is a lot for a website, but hold on now! It most likely isn't even going to bring in 20$ in total PPC ad revenue, but depending on the price of your hosting, it just might be enough to cover all expenses. It may even allow your to buy some bubble gum – this way you can both play cool and get your hosting expenses covered at the same time!