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20000 Visitors per Month

Just what can you do with 20000 visitors per month on your website?

Edited: 2012-11-15 04:29

Running a website really starts to get interesting when you reach a certain point, the point where your visitors are earning you real money – not just a couple of dollars per month – but real money that you can use to pay for your hosting, buy new hardware, or get yourself a nice lunch on one of those expensive restaurants.

However, even when having reached 20000 visitors per month, you may still struggle just to reach the monthly payout on programs such as Google Adsense. With just around 20k visitors, you should at least be able to make around 20-40$ per month on PPC Ads alone – but its a very rough estimate – remember that gold is more valuable than silver. So given the right audience and keywords, who knows – it might be more, it might be less!

Reaching a Serious Level of Traffic

Of course its not just about how much money you can make on your website – its interesting to look at! But the process of reaching your first 20k visitors per month may be just as interesting. If you already reached the 20000 visitors per month, then we suggest you consider programs such as Adsense.

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The process of reaching your first 20k can be very educating – what you need to pay attention to, is how you get there. Blogging can be very time consuming, unless you mix it with some tutorials – the competition for tutorials is very high, since sites like Brugbart tend to dominate the results already – but there are still room in smaller niche categories, and those are often what bloggers pick up. Bloggers also tend to focus to much on their personal lifes – which there likely wont be much of an audience for – so try and aim directly into the crowds.

Of course blogging isn't the only way to gain visitors – YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are all sites with a huge potential to build traffic over-time – some requiring more effort than others.

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In short, these social networks do have potential, but some of them require a lot of time invested before they are starting to show some return on that investment – since they are usually free to use, it may be worth it for those who can't afford to buy advertisements.

What is Needed for 20k Visitors per Month?

Before you begin to feel frustrated, or before you start to think thoughts like: "I'll never reach that many visitors", lets get straight – 20k per month is not really that many! Consider how many people are in the world, then think about how many of those people got access to the Internet!

You may already have reached the first milestone of 10000 visitors per month, regardless if you have reached the first milestone or not, reaching 20k surely shouldn't be a problem given a little effort. Just remember, you shouldn't obsess about building high-traffic roads alone, building a lot of low-traffic roads all leading to your website, will build up your overall traffic little by little.

With time, you'll get more experience, as of what leads to more traffic – and hitting those high traffic roads will become easier – but in the beginning, you will likely have to do a lot of experimenting to find out what works in your niche.