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Edited: 2016-01-09 02:19

Brugbart is an online learning resource with its primary focus on multimedia technologies. The site started out with just a Danish version as a hobby project. But today Brugbart is run as a Internet based company.

Brugbart aims to build a solid Tutorial site that can be used by anyone with internet access.

Who's behind all this?

The Content of Brugbart is maintained by the users and admins. It's up to each user how much, and what information they want to be available about them on Brugbart. Some users only contribute anonymously, by commenting, etc.

Jacob Kristensen originally started the website as a hobby project.

Correctness of Information

Our content is generally very correct, but even if you should happen to find errors, then don't hesitate to point them out in the comment section. Admins can monitor almost all activity on the site from the admin section, and will be able to update the content very quickly.

Note. We will generally delete comments that are considered irrelevant once the main content has been updated.


You can post your questions by mail.

Q: I'm using Internet Explorer 7 (or earlier) and the site is a mess, is there a solution?

A: Brugbart is best viewed in IE8+, Firefox, or safari. Windows 9x users can switch to Opera 9. Note that i won't be able to tell you if future versions of opera will run on windows 9x.

Q: Why doesn't Brugbart work on x platform?

A: We go very far to apply techniques which will allow the site to gracefully degrade for older platforms and browsers. If it simply doesn't work, maybe its time to update?

Q: So why didn't you use x fix or hack?

A: Because its best that users upgrade their Browser, or get their system administrator to do it for them. You are still welcome to apply your own fixes, that can be done by Using custom StyleSheets with your browser.

Q: Can you help me with this problem?

A: We provide limited support for churches, certain non-profit organizations, and relief organizations.

Q: Can i/we hire Brugbart?

A: The easiest answer would be a simple No. Brugbart is currently only working on Projects of interest, but a lot of stuff could be said to fit in the interest category.

Q: What dose Brugbart mean?

A: Brugbart is a danish word, and can be translated into "usable".


Content on Brugbart can be freely used for educational purposes, including example scripts/code. We also allow you to make an unlimited number of printed and or digital copies, as long as these are used for educational purposes. Please consider to cite the original source URL, as the information may be updated.

If you are in doubt whether we allow something, feel free to contact us. You can find updated contact information, on the Contact page

You are allowed to use example scripts/code in your own projects, commercial as well as free, without referring to Brugbart in any way. But only given that the material from Brugbart has either been significantly changed and/or extended from the original samples.

For example, you are the developer of a CMS solution, and included a WYSIWYG tool developed by Brugbart. The script only makes up a smaller function in your CMS, so you don't need to refer to Brugbart.