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Avoid Protecting Your Tweets

If you are considering to protect your tweets, you may want to think again. Here is why.

Edited: 2012-11-20 12:48

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Protecting your tweet may drastically limit your results on twitter, from a marketing standpoint, it is therefor highly discouraged that you protect your tweets. Getting people to follow you on twitter is hard enough as it is, protecting your tweets will just mean that a lot of people decide not to follow you – and that is without mentioning all the other disadvantages of having your tweets protected.

There may be a lot of reasons why someone wants to protect their tweets, they are often the result of not knowing any better. For example, some people like to protect their tweets to avoid being followed by fake accounts, which in itself isn't doing any harm – spam is another problem that some are trying to deal with trough the protected tweets "feature", it however isn't really the right tool for the job.

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Why you should not protect your tweets

From a marketing standpoint, you would want to avoid protecting your tweets as one of your top priorities. If you protect your tweets, people won't be able to retweet your tweets, and they won't be able to follow you without first being approved by you. The complete list of stupidities is included below:

  1. Each follow request will need your approval!
  2. Your tweets will only be visible to users that you have approved!
  3. Other users will not be able to retweet your tweets!
  4. Protected Tweets will not appear in Twitter search, or be indexed by search engines!
  5. When you use @replies – users won't be able to see them, unless they are approved followers.

All of these are obviously baddies for someone trying to maximize their reach trough twitter – yet a lot of people seem to be making the mistake. Avoiding spam and fake accounts following them is likely one of the main reasons, but even fake accounts is essentially just a free ad in their list of following and followers.

Protected tweets is a trap to new users

Many new users of twitter feel tempted to make their tweets flat out protected, perhaps because twitter has little privacy settings available to its users, aside from the protected tweets feature. However, for those looking to use twitter as a marketing tool for their website, doing this will just drastically limit the potential of their account.

Many serious twitter users almost never follow users who protect their tweets – and if you follow them first, do not expect a prompt follow-back from their side.

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