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Adsense missing from Google products page

Google recently updated their products page, and decided not to include links for Adsense and Analytics.

Edited: 2015-12-04 10:09

By. BlueBoden

This is really strange, i haven't been able to locate Adsense, Analytics or YouTube on Googles new product page. First the old page just started to act strange, by changing the language randomly, without any notification as of what might be wrong. After this experience, i searched around to see if anyone else had the same problem, and found that the URL for the product page had changed.

This is really poorly done by a company at that size, surely they could at least redirect the old products page to the new one?

Adsense missing from products page

I rarely visit my Adsense page on Google, so it took a little longer for me to notice that it was missing. Then i also noticed that Analytics and YouTube was missing, to great annoyance for me. I loved to have everything placed on one page, and it makes sense, considering all of them are somewhat connected to your Gmail account.

I haven't been able to find anyone else suffering from this problem, which just makes it even more strange. Is it just my account that's effected?

The only solution so far, seems to be to bookmark the products that you use manually in your browser. Well.. Maybe this is a better solution – now you don't have to rely on Googles product page every time you need to visit Adsense, Analytics, or whatever!

You can just create a directory containing all the bookmarks for Google products, then link this from the favoritebar in your browser.