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Reaching the Adsense Payout Threshold

What it takes to reach the pauout threshold of google adsense.

Edited: 2015-12-04 10:13

Adsense has a payout threshold depending on the currency of your Adsense account – the payout threshold is a flat 100$ in dollars, making it a nice milestone for website owners to run for! Reaching 100$ per month in Adsense earnings seems near impossible to many website owners, but it shouldn't be that way if you really think about it.

What you need to consider is how you get your visitors, and then simply double that a couple or more times – this is assuming that you have reached the first milestone of 10k visitors per month for your website.

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That may still sound like a lot – perhaps even unreachable – to those struggling with even less traffic on their website. Its mostly a matter of how you think – consider how many people are in the world, how many have access to the Internet – now find a way to reach just 0% of those people. Doesn't that suddenly make it seem a lot easier?

Calculate Your Adsense Earnings

The earnings from Adsense will mostly be from raw website traffic – people clicking your Ads, but sometimes also per view. It may depend on a lot of things – in any case, you need to focus on building your traffic if you want to reach your first 100$ per month, and make the adsense payout threshold irrelevant in the future.

To increase your adsense earnings, you need to dramatically boost your traffic. This is easier if you already got a feel with what works for your website – is it search engine traffic? Traffic from YouTube? or some entirely third option?

Lets be honest, most websites will likely never reach the payout – but regardless of this, keep in mind that the payout likely is a lot easier to reach than you think.

100$ per Month in Adsense

Knowing that you need a traffic to reach the payout, just how much traffic is required? Its hard to say really – also considering that Gold is more valuable than Silver – one target audience might have poorly paying ads, while another audience have higher paying ads. Try not to obsess about this to much, as Ads are generally specific to content to the page they are displayed on, and the audience the specific page attracts.

It is hard to give an estimate about needing x unique visitors per month to reach the threshold. It depends on a lot of things, the type of website that you are running, the placement of your ads, and of course the people visiting your website. In terms of raw PPC revenue, some content simply attracts higher paying ads than other content but given that you maintain a nice mix, you likely need around 30-50k unique visitors per month.

The above is just Brugbarts rough estimate – the Article might be updated later if this changes.