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Are you a Content Machine?

We all know that content is valuable, but how much do you really have?

Created: 2012-11-11 00:53

Quite a few people are earning a living on Blogging, what is the secret to their success? Maybe people are just addicted to reading useless junk? What do you say? Or maybe these bloggers really do release the occasional quality article, and that is what fuels their success.

Obviously you can't start out a clear success from the beginning, getting where you want to go takes time. Search engines can work to our advantage, because it doesn't cost anything to get ranked in them – aside from the time that you invest in writing content.

Producing Content Like a Machine

Updating your website or blog regularly increases the chance of your success – if we take a look on these larger blogs, regular updates is just one of the things fueling their success.

Maybe you have heard expressions such as content is king before? Having quality content sure does seem to help on rankings – and if for nothing else, it still has the potential to bring in at least some traffic for your website.

The update frequency of your site can make people return for more, but focusing on update frequency alone might not be the best way to hold on to your visitors. Your posts should have something that your visitors want – one way to give them something that they want, is to write Tutorials – this should still be possible to do on a lot of subjects where the competition isn't that overwhelming.

More content is better than less in the beginning

For established sites, more wont necessarily be better – maybe you already covered a given subject from all possible angles, including from an SEO angle, to reach more than otherwise trough search. Keep in mind that a page placed highly in the search engines, for any keyword or keyphrase, is essentially free advertising.

In the beginning, for almost any site, more content will be better than less. You should still focus on quality, but it does not have to be your main focus – ass long as you are not posting outright spam, then it should be fine.

Content or Links

You may be thinking what to focus on the most. Well, generally you shouldn't be focusing to much about links, as that will be your visitors field of work – but there are also situations where a little linkbuilding can be beneficial to your sites overall progress.

For newly created sites, it can be important to submit your site to a few directories – to help get it indexed, and to kick start its ranking. It might also be a lot easier to buy links, than it is to build them up manually.

You can submit content manually to IndexME on Brugbart.

Content will still, by far, be more important than links. It is the content which helps to make your site what it is, so don't post junk!