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Aston2 Menu Review

Old review of Aston2, start-menu replacement for Windows.

Edited: 2011-08-17 05:22

Ever been annoyed by the limited Start-Menu in windows? especially the one in Vista?

Aston2 Menu is the Answer!

Aston2 comes with a bunch of features, some of which are an extended Start-Menu; Weather Widget; Skins; And animated menus. You will be able to browse your entire Hard Drive'(s) from the Start-Menu alone.

This really speeds up navigating, or jumping from one hard drive to another. Aston2 is available as a free 30-Day Trial, Download it Here. I made a small video for you to watch, i figured it was better then posting screenshots.


Aston2 is developed by Astonshell. For a full overview of features, visit: