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Problems with Audigy 2 zs and Windows 7

For those using an Audigy 2 zs with Windows 7, here are some suggestions to how you can solve common problems.

Edited: 2012-04-11 12:07

By. BlueBoden

This post is intended for those using Audigy 2 zs with windows 7, since I've had plenty of problems with this card, not just related to windows 7.

I've had some problems i thought was either due to a bad mic or bugs in windows. It turns out that my sound card is just a piece of junk, due to more or less broken drivers.

What is most annoying about this card, is that it sometimes freezes the entire system when you plug in something. My annoyances with this card started when i was about to install it in the socket. It was very hard to install the card, since it didn't fit perfectly in the case. I had to install it very carefully, otherwise i just wouldn't get any sound. This problem also made me think the card was fried due to bad handling, which i much later found not to be the case.

But lets continue with the more serious problems. First If you haven't got the Windows 7 drivers, download the latest drivers from creative, as this might solve some problems with this card, including problems with 5.1 speaker setups. Don't expect to use a microphone with this card though.

Crackle or stuttering microphone

The most apparent problem is the crackle, which is some kind of static or stuttering that occurs. A temporarily solution to this problem, is to shift the quality down to 16bit, but beware that you might need to shift back and forth a few times for it to work, as it doesn't seem to work every time. You can also try to shift it back, and forth between the quality settings, to see if you can force it on the setting you want. This is not a solution however, as it will most likely start to trouble you again after some time.

Very low Microphone volume

After shifting to Windows 7, the microphone volume has become very low. First i just thought that the Microphone wasn't working, but then i noticed a small green bar in the volume, i tried maximizing the microphone volume, and applying the 20db boost, and i still have to almost suck on the microphone for any sound to go trough. The only good thing about this, is that i can have the mic right next to the speakers, without any whistling sounds.

The 20db boost also shouldn't be required, since its just amplifying everything, including a lot of unwanted noise. You should even be able to hear your own voice laud and clearly, with about 20-30 centimeters distance to the microphone, on about half to full strength, without the 20db boost, (Perhaps even more.) I'm not really an expert on sound, but i have had good sound before, without being forced to suck on the mic when speaking, and without the boost applied.

Use onbord sound card for calls

Most of you likely also got a sound card build into your computers motherbord, if thats the case, then you should test if this works with the latest drivers. Just beware that you might be able to hear more noise on the onbord card.

You can have both cards activated at the same time. Windows 7 also got some controls to chose what card should be used for recording and playback, but you likely need to play around to learn how to use them.