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AutoIt for Beginners – Tutorials in AutoIt

AutoIt For Beginners – an introduction to Brugbarts AutoIt Tutorials

Edited: 2012-05-11 23:14

Beginners often find it hard to learn programming and/or scripting, Brugbarts Tutorials will focus on AutoIt for Beginners – but they will also attempt to include those who already know at least one other scripting language.

There are not that many Tutorials in AutoIt online – perhaps because people do not realize all the possibilities opened up for. AutoIt is still mainly about automation of cause, but why use a more complex language like C++ when you can do the same with AutoIt, and the time spend on learning will be less?

AutoIt for Beginners

See also AutoIt Tutorial for Beginners – Beginners Tutorial in AutoIt, including useful examples.

All you need to run existing script here from Brugbart is a copy of AutoIt – you can get this from

You would then simply copy and paste our scripts into your text-editor, and save the file with the .au3 extension. AutoIt also got its own script editor, this is called SciTE – the editor can be opened from start-programs.

The au3 AutoIt script format

Scripts are saved with the .au3 file extension. It can be useful to turn off the Hide Known File Type Extensions in windows, this "feature" is just annoying – even complete beginners in AutoIt should be able to see what types of files they are dealing with, also if they do not know anything about file types.

Au3 files are just plain text-files so you can edit them with your favorite text-editor – you do not have to use the editor if you do not want to – just beware that certain rich text editors will add their own code to the files which would most likely ruin the script.