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AutoIt ListView Styles

This reference on Brugbart covers the different ListView styles in ListviewConstants.au3

Edited: 2012-12-19 16:04

Please note, you will need to include ListviewConstants.au3 before these styles will work.

#include <ListviewConstants.au3>

Trying to use them without will result in an error like:

C:\Users\MyComputerName\Desktop\GUICtrlCreateListView.au3 (15) : ==> Variable used without being declared.:

$listview = GUICtrlCreateListView("Test", 10, 10, 200, 150, $LVS_LIST)

$listview = GUICtrlCreateListView("Test", 10, 10, 200, 150, ^ ERROR

Note. You do not need to include the file if you are using an UDF such as GuiListView.au3 since it already includes it.

ListView Styles

$LVS_ICONSpecifies Icon View
$LVS_REPORTSpecifies Report View
$LVS_SMALLICONSpecifies Small Icon View
$LVS_LISTSpecifies List View – no column headers are shown
$LVS_EDITLABELSMakes it possible to edit items in-place.
$LVS_NOCOLUMNHEADERRemoves the column header.
$LVS_NOSORTHEADERThe column header doesn't act as a button – useful when no column-sorting is needed.
$LVS_SINGLESELOnly one item at a time can be selected.
$LVS_SHOWSELALWAYSIf there is a selection, it is always shown, even if the control does not have focus.
$LVS_SORTASCENDINGSort items in ascending order.
$LVS_SORTDESCENDINGSort items in descending order.
$LVS_NOLABELWRAPItem text is displayed on a single line in icon view. Disables wrapping in icon view.

ListView Extended Styles

$LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECTWhen an item is selected, the item and all its subitems are selected.
$LVS_EX_GRIDLINESDisplay grid lines around items and subitems.
$LVS_EX_HEADERDRAGDROPEnables drag and drop re-ordering of columns.
$LVS_EX_TRACKSELECTEnables hot track selection for list view items – an item will automatically be selected when the mouse remains over it for a period of time.
$LVS_EX_CHECKBOXESEnables checkboxes in a list view control.
$LVS_EX_BORDERSELECTWhen selecting an item, the border color of items will change, rather than the item being highlighted.
$LVS_EX_DOUBLEBUFFERPaints with double-buffering, to reduce flicker.
$LVS_EX_FLATSBEnables flat scroll-bars in the list view.
$LVS_EX_MULTIWORKAREASIcons will be auto-arranged until one or more work-areas has been defined.
$LVS_EX_SNAPTOGRIDIcons will automatically snap to grid in the list view.
$LVS_EX_SUBITEMIMAGESAllow images to be displayed for subitems.