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Avast is Blocking the Google Account Settings Page

Avast is flagging a script on the Google Account Settings Page as JS Bacole-AV, here is a quick solution to the problem.

Edited: 2012-08-28 15:17

By. BlueBoden

Today Avast started giving me warnings when i tried to access my Google account page, it flags the JavaScript on the page as being infected with JS:Bacole-AV – the problem does not end here – when you try to click for more details, it only shows you what appears like a big self-recommending advertisement, nothing about the threat just being blocked.

Screenshot of Avast blocking Google.

Avast Script Shield Exclusions

It is very annoying that you can't directly get more details about the block, possibly to create an exception in the Antivirus software. It is also very unlikely that Google is linking a malicious Script to the Account Settings page of their users.

So i think its safe to create an exception in this case. To do that, we will need to open the Script Shield of Avast:

Screenshot of Avast Script shield settings.

Next click on Expert Settings:

Screenshot of Avast Script shield expert settings.

Then click on the Exclusions button:

Screenshot of Avast Script shield exclusions.

Then in Exclusions add the following URL:*

See: Absolute and Relative Paths to learn more about paths on the web.

The (*) wildcard at the end of the url means that it should match anything after the domain. It is also possible to use wildcards in the subdomain part, but thats another subject.

Why not add your own website to the Exclusions lists now that you have Avast Open? No reason to scan sites that you already know to be safe.