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Bing and Yahoo are still awful search engines

Brugbart is getting outranked by forum threads, this is ridiculous.

Edited: 2012-12-29 04:24

By. BlueBoden

So i went over at Bing and Yahoo to check the rankings of Brugbart, and was surprised to find that much of Brugbarts content didn't even rank in the top 10 results, and thats while some of it is ranking #1 in Google at the time i wrote this article. That's just ridiculous!

The results feels outdated in both yahoo and bing, maybe outdated isn't the right word to use. But one thing is certain, Google is still the best search engine around. Thats not something i am saying just because i am irritated about Brugbarts rankings – but somehow i don't find that forum threads are better results than quality written articles or tutorials on a subject!

In their defense however, i have also seen Google rank forum threads higher than my content at times, and forum threads usually don't got many backlinks.

Does it really matter?

I haven't seen many referrals from other search engines in analytics compared to traffic from Google, so maybe it doesn't really matter much that Bing and Yahoo are returning me poor results. What are they doing at Microsoft anyway? Playing chess or something?

So i am just slightly irritated that despite my efforts at creating great content, i still don't rank any better than competing spam or junk pages. What is the problem with Bing and Yahoo? I can say that i don't really care personally, since I'm still enjoying a steady flow of monthly visitors from Google – but it maybe it would be good if Google got some competition?

I optimize my content for Google, ranking in other search engines isn't important to me right now.

Traffic from Bing and Yahoo is Minimal

For every 10k visitors i get from Google, it roughly seems like i get around 100 visitors from Bing. I do however get more visitors from Bing than from Yahoo – and considering that i only get around 300 visitors from twitter in a month – currently – 100 from Bing doesn't seem bad at all.

I however still refuse to optimize for Bing and Yahoo. If it can't rank well on its own, it really isn't my problem. Besides, what is there to do about it? The keywords meta tag is dead, and linkbuilding is a boring, often spammy activity that I'd rather avoid.