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Block Direct Messages on Twitter

Why we should be able to block direct messages on twitter, and why they are junk.

Edited: 2012-05-03 09:51

By. BlueBoden

We should really be able to block direct messages on twitter, the only way to do that so far, is to unfollow the people who are abusing it for spam.

Something that is really annoying, is that some users obviously see the direct message feature as some sort of invitation to send their "thank you for following" messages, they likely even automated their twitter account to send out to everyone who follows them.

Direct Messages are always junk on Twitter

Why would you need a separate private messaging system on a site like twitter? Why not just build in the ability to make certain tweets private? It would surely solve all the problems related to a private messaging system.

Not only is the inbox overflowing with spam, its also very frustrating to delete messages - there is no practical way to handle large numbers of junk - they even attempted to hide the recycle bin until you hover it with your mouse, as if they dislike that people delete their direct messages.

Why cant people tweet their welcome messages if they are so important to them? why must they be private? obviously because the system is strictly used by spammers and truetwit validation users - wait just a minute, truetwit? it almost sounds like another word for noob.

Why the hidden recycle bin?

It seriously toke me some time to figure out how to delete the private messages i received. What is the point in initially hiding the recycle bin?

Hopefully Twitter will just remove this no-good junk feature, because its driving me nuts. Especially when real users finally uses it, because i almost never check my PMs - leaving users thinking that i might be ignoring them.

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