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Buy Twitter Followers – why?

Why would someone buy twitter followers? Get to know everything in this article.

Edited: 2012-11-22 12:54

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The Internet is booming with offers to sell you twitter followers. One offering to sell you 5000 followers, another 10000 followers, and some even in the hundreds of thousands. What possibly is there to be gained from buying fake followers? They are fake followers of course, but calling them useless may be a bit over the top – continue reading now, because its going to get fun!

At first guess, it wouldn't gain you anything. But if you think about it, wouldn't it be fun to buy, say, 100k followers to some unsuspecting friend who only has a few hundreds or less? The possibilities in being a prankster are almost endless. Imagine how they would react to suddenly having 100k followers – it would be hilarious to try!

Playing pranks on friends is far from the only reasons why someone would be buying followers on twitter. On Twitter, some people will be more likely to follow you if you have a ton of followers – there have been cases where people where starting to get known for their high follower counts, some even getting mentioned in news.

Why people buy twitter followers

A well known technique on twitter to get more followers, is to aggressively follow other twitter users, with the intention of getting them to follow-back. This stops when you reach certain twitter limits, and you will be unable to follow more, until more people has followed you. Buying a few thousands of followers will temporarily lift this limit – not without risk however! If these accounts later gets disabled by twitter, you'll also lose the followers, potentially positioning you in a even worse situation than before buying the followers.

People also buy followers to gain more exposure, most followers are however likely to be fake bot accounts, so this will be limited to being listed in the following lists of these fake accounts – which is somewhere around 99% useless!

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Should you care about fake followers?

Fake bot accounts following you are not likely to do any harm, unless they are spamming. Should they begin to give you a headache, you can always rid yourself from them by blocking them, which will also make them unfollow you. Still, fake accounts following you, will generally not be of any harm to your account – just don't follow them back, unless you got good reason to!

Maybe your percentage of "fakes" is high for no apparent reason. Maybe someone is accusing you of having fake followers. Well regardless if if you did buy followers or not, the free publicity might just turn out to do you more good than harm.

Also keep in mind, that the services used to find fake followers are unreliable. Its really hard to tell if someone has been buying followers, or if someone is playing a prank or practical joke.

Many people are also following fake accounts, or have fake followers, without even knowing it. Thats just a side-effect of twitters openness, and the widely accepted practice of back-following those who follow you.

Should you buy twitter followers?

Buying followers shouldn't get you banned, surely. Anyone could have brought these followers, either as a prank or practical joke. But the people who are selling fake followers are often either hackers, or in the same boat as hackers and blackhat SEO's. They don't mind spamming, or creating thousands of fake accounts – if it earns them money, chances are that you will find them doing it.

These people are abusing proxy servers to carry out their – often malicious – business. We do not have anything against buying followers, given they are real followers. But we do not think you should go out and fuel the business of more or less ruining other websites. These fake account, the creation and existence of them, is putting unnecessary strain on sites and hardware!

Instead, if you are really interested in buying followers – or in general just interested in growing your network – you may want to consider services such as Twiends. While most followers gained still won't be interested, they are surely more valuable than those that you can buy trough these malicious sneaky types.

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