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Buying Seeds From

How many followers will you gain by buying seeds from

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:30

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Many people have been trying to estimate how many followers they would get from the different seed packages that you can buy trough, this article will attempt to make things more clear. But first, if you haven't done so already, you may want to read Brugbarts review of

This article is mostly focused on how you can get better results with twiends as a paying member – if you want to know how you can improve your results without buying seeds, you should read: Getting More From Twiends

The subscription packages

There is a number of subscription packages on twieends, at first they may seem very expensive, but if combined with the right configuration, buying a subscription package may turn out to be just as effective as buying larger packages.

When you subscribe to a daily seeds package, you also become a VIP for the duration – being a VIP on twiends means that you get your seeds back when people unfollow you. A quote from

We continually monitor for abuse on twiends and give our VIP's seeds back roughly once a week. We encourage all users to use the filters on the settings page, but in those situations where the filters can't prevent abuse we give our VIP's seeds back.

Note. It seems seeds are given back more than once a weak.

People simply unfollowing you, adds up to good sum of seeds, so being VIP on twiends is essential to getting the most out of the service. It also seem like it gives you back seeds that you have earned by following other people trough twiends, so this feature is really powerful!

The packages on are priced as follows:

  1. 75 Daily seeds – $9.95/week
  2. 250 Daily Seeds – $29.95/week
  3. 500 Daily Seeds – $59.95/week
  4. 1000 Daily Seeds – $99.95/week

For most people, this will likely seem very expensive. The weekly payment can be also somewhat of an inconvenience, as payments are generally sent out monthly in many parts of the world. That put aside, you may find it useful to know, that we managed to slowly gain seeds, using an account with basically the settings used in the Getting More From Twiends article, and by still participating normally on twiends, using the 75 Daily Seeds Package.

We started out with a limited 50 seeds budget/day, and around 1k seeds. After buying the package, we where able to remove our daily budget, and still gain seeds slowly – simply by participating normally!

This may not work for your account, as it's somewhat dependent on your follower options – we used a setting of Allow those with low drop rates, and Allow those who joined over 2 days ago, and auto follow-back those with seeds. This may be very strict, but it does get rid of a lot of free riders.

The point is, that there may not be much extra value from the bigger packages, if you are having trouble keeping up just with the smallest. It is rather nice however, that you can save seeds for later bulk use with follower options that are less strict.

The Once-off Seed Purchases

The once-off purchases are likely best used in combination with a subscription package, as you may have troubles spending all of your seeds (dependent on your follower options again.) The purchases that you can do are as follows:

  1. 1250 Seeds $29.95 (2.3 cents/seed)
  2. 5000 Seeds $99.95 (2.0 cents/seed)
  3. 10000 Seeds $169.95 (1.7 cents/seed)
  4. 20000 Seeds $249.95 (1.3 cents/seed)

Like the subscription packages, these once-off purchases may also seem rather expensive. With the largest package, you will obviously save the most – but you should also keep in mind, that it will take you some time to spend all the seeds.

If you got your follower options configured as mentioned in: Getting More From Twiends, then you can at least expect to get 10k followers from buying 20k seeds – it may take a little more time than if you offered more seeds, but for most people this will be worth it.

Featured Slots

The supposed advantage of buying featured slots on, is that you don't spend your own seeds. In reality however, it doesn't seem that tempting to buy a featured slot when compared with the ROI of packages and seed purchases.

  1. 1 Featured Slot $79.95
  2. 2 Featured Slots $149.95

The followers that you gain depends on your follower options, and of course who is active on at the time. If users that are currently active have already followed you, you will obviously get less follows. In other words, you could end up getting 5k new followers, and you could also end up getting just 2k new followers.