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Brugbarts Contact Page. This is where you find the contact information.

Edited: 2014-12-16 20:17

Brugbart's headquarters are located in Denmark, and generally doesn't receive visitors, as it's a private home. You can reach Jacob Kristensen – the developer and owner of Brugbart – either via e-mail, social media or phone.

Link selling and exchanging requests

We currently don't exchange or sell links, so please don't e-mail us with such requests.

If you like Brugbart, feel free to link to us, but do not expect us to link back.

For guest bloggers

These are the guidelines for guest bloggers, when contacting us. If you follow these guidelines, it is more likely that your request will be considered!

  1. Be clear about who you are.
  2. Include as many relevant details as possible.
  3. Preferably you should include examples of your work.
  4. Link to personal or company website, twitter, facebook page. Etc.

Contact details


Address: Langesøvej 16 2770 Kastrup Danmark

Phone: +45 31662049

Social media

You can also find Brugbart on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, feel free to connect, follow and communicate through these sites.

Jacob will personally try to respond to as many inquiries as possible!