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List of Content-types

This is a reference list of mime-types, also known as content-types for different filetypes on the web.

Created: 2012-02-25 17:30

This list is far from complete, but nor is it intended to be a complete list. This is just a reference for the most common mime types, (also known as content types), that you will find on the web.

text/plainMostly used for .txt files, such as the robots.txt.
text/cssCSS StyleSheets.
text/htmlWeb applications and Documents written in HTML.
application/xhtml+xmlHTML in XML. Aka. XHTML
image/jpegJPEG images
image/pngPNG Images
image/gifGIF animations and images
image/x-iconUsed for favicons
application/pdfUsed for PDF files

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