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Count capital letters of string with PHP

How to easily count the capital letters in a string.

Edited: 2014-12-28 04:01

Capital letters can be a pain sometimes, some users just LiKe To meSS ArounD!

How about blocking suspect use of caps? An easy way to do this, would be to use preg_replace inside of strlen. Preg_replace will remove non-caps from the string, and strlen will return the number of remaining caps.

This is a useful way to count capital letters in PHP.

The regular expression

The regex that we will use with Preg_replace.


This regex will replace all characters, except for the capital letters (A to Z). If you need more then those, like Æ Ø AND Å, simply include them after the A-Z part.


Count capital letters

Placing the Preg_replace inside of strlen will work.

strlen(preg_replace('/[^A-Z]+/', '', $string));

Count caps function

But why not create a function now that we are at it? The below function will return the number of caps of a string.

function CountCaps($string) {
  return strlen(preg_replace('/[^A-Z]+/', '', $string));