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CSS Reference

Includes a link to each CSS Property covered in Brugbarts Reference.

Edited: 2016-01-11 01:25

The CSS CSS Reference aim to list most CSS properties, either individually or combined where possible.

CSS is used by web-designers to change the appearance of HTML pages.

What you need

You need a basic understanding of CSS selectors, but much of that can also be learned by reading in the reference.

A basic text-editor like notepad will allow you to write CSS code, but you can also try to find a more sophisticated editor, such as those listed in the: Web Designers Tools List

CSS property reference

  1. Comments in CSS
  2. Background properties
  3. Text-style properties
  4. Border properties
  5. Margin properties
  6. Padding properties
  7. Layout properties
  8. List properties
  9. Table properties


  1. CSS image sprites
  2. CSS selectors
  3. Colors
  4. The W3C CSS Validation Service