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CSS Border-bottom-color Property

The bottom-color property is used to control the color of the bottom-border of HTML elements.

Edited: 2016-01-04 03:45

The border-bottom-color property of CSS is used to control the color of the bottom border on a HTML element.

In most cases it will be easier to use the border shorthand, which controls all four borders on an element at the same time.

CSS StyleSheet code:

.text {

See also: Using the CSS border properties

Possible Values

Read the Colors entry in the reference to understand its many possible values.

Inherited? NO!

Border-bottom-color example

Using the orientational border properties can be quite tedious, because you would often set each property individually.

.text {

It is however also possible to combine the orientational- and shorthand properties. We are first declaring a general style for all borders, and then only overwriting the bottom style with the border-bottom-color properties.

.text {
 border:1px solid black;

Doing this can often drastically lower the CSS code otherwise needed to archive the effect.