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CSS Layout Properties

Edited: 2011-12-28 04:05

The Layout Properties are used to Layout your page, mainly to control the position of elements, or how they are displayed.


The Position Properties

  1. Position
  2. Top
  3. Right
  4. Bottom
  5. Left

Using CSS Position is one of the best way to layout pages, it gives us much more control then using floats alone.

The Width and Height Properties

  1. Width
  2. Min-width
  3. Max-width
  4. Height
  5. Min-height
  6. Max-height

Its recommended to give percentage based layouts a min-width, and max-width. You can use our StyleSheet Selector, to allow your users to change the max-width.


  1. Opacity
  2. Display
  3. Float
  4. clear
  5. Overflow
  6. Overflow-y
  7. Overflow-x