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My Two Favorite Editors for Coding

These are the current editors that i am using the most when coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Edited: 2013-08-01 23:39

By. BlueBoden

Some people have been asking about editors and tools to use when developing and designing their website, and if you ask me, i would quickly respond with WYSIWYG editors are crap – stay away from them!

What beginners should be looking into, is tutorials on hand-coding – and coding by hand can be done in just about any text editor – but some editors are specifically created for web development, so i will mention some of the tools i have been using. But first, let me briefly explain why WYSIWYG editors are mostly useless.

What You See Is NOT What You Get

Many beginners think in editors when they want to learn how to create websites, and while not entirely wrong, it sadly often takes them down a blind road. There are companies that specializes in visual tools allowing people to "design" a website in a drag and drop manner, but so far, all of these tools have not been able to provide what they claim – and even worse, they don't give the user the necessary education to equip them to design for the web.

The design view of these tools is also unreliable, if you want to get a feeling of how your site will behave, the only reliable method, is to test it in a real browser, and not rely on a preview in an editor!

The Tools can often be considered as scams, because they are so pathetic that professionals wouldn't consider using them. Funny thing is, all the tools I've used over the years, have all been freely available on the Internet.

I'm not really good with design, but i have enough experience to know what i need, and what is simply a bad investment. Some of these Tools – I.e. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator – are useful tools no doubt. But they are also to expensive for me, so i have had to learn how to use free alternatives. Currently i wouldn't even consider using Dreamweaver if i could afford it.

Free Web Development Editors

I personally started using notepad in windows, later moved on to notepad++, and finally to Aptana Studio – these are all good tools if you know how to use them right. What editor i use depends a lot on the situation, if only i want to quickly edit a file, i usually just open up the standard text-editor in the system – its faster than firing up Aptana.

Aptana has great support for the different languages. I.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Which are the main languages that I'm working with. So for coding i currently recommend to try out the following:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Aptana Studio

There are other free editors used by skilled developers, but i have not used them myself, so i will not comment on them here. One of the more popular ones is called Eclipse.