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Disable touchpad zoom in Windows

Tutorial explaining how to disable the annoying pinch zoom touch gesture in Windows.

Edited: 2015-11-09 14:06

One of the things that can be really annoying with modern laptops, is that the touchpad is practically useless at times. Either it doesn't react at all, or it dose something crazy that you do not want it to be doing.

A really annoying problem is the pinch-zoom feature of multi-touch touchpads. What it dose doing normal activities, is that suddenly the touchpad thinks that you are "pinching" when in fact you are just trying to select text. When browsing on the web this means that your browser will zoom in or out on the page, so you often end up spending a lot of time messing with this problem, or even accidentally moving text around in word documents. Quite annoying.

The solution luckily quite simple, simply go to Controlpanel->Hardware and Sound->Mouse this is where you can change the default settings of your touchpad, and even disable these annoying "features" permanently.

Innovative features of touchpads

The funny part is that typically these "innovative" features of touchpads are useless, and with a normal mouse you would just to hold down the CTRL key, preventing any such stupid things from happening when using the mouse wheel to zoom. Apparently designers of touchpads decided to do things differently, perhaps thinking that pinching was somehow a better solution. It may have been, if touchpads were actually working, and picking up touch reliably.

But even without a mouse you can still use other standard shortcut keys (CTRL - and +), kinda defeating the purpose of re-inventing the wheel for touchpads. Main issues that needs fixing with touchpads:

  1. They need to have a better surface, allowing for smoother touch, preventing fingers from getting stuck on the pad.
  2. They need to reliably register touch, every time they are used.
  3. Accidental unwanted behavior should be avoided where possible.
  4. The surface should be so smooth, that dirt can not get stuck on the pad. (Nano?)

Video showing how to disable touchpad pinch-zoom