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Exact Title Match is Better for SEO

Get better click through rates and search engine rankings with exact title matches.

Edited: 2012-05-11 21:13

An exact title match is better for SEO than a title chosen just for fun, or pure lack of creativity. An exact match title will not only improve your general position, it is also likely to improve CTR rates, even for pages placed lower in the results.

Its therefor important to consider the title you chose, whether it being a simple product page, blog post or site category. The most obvious choice will not always bring your page the most clicks.

How to Find Good Titles

A tool you can use to help you find good titles is Google Trends. If a given Keyword or Keyphrase shows up in Google Trends, and it doesn't currently have any exact match in the SERPs, then its very likely you will get good rankings easily for a page with that exact title match.

Another way to find good titles, is to look inside Google Webmaster tools, click the individual pages listed in Top Pages and check what Keywords or Keyphrases that show up most often.