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What to Expect From a Featured User Slot on Twiends

Should you buy a featured slot on Twiends? This is the result we got from trying.

Edited: 2015-01-24 12:14

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After testing the featured slot on Twiends, we want to share the results with our readers. As you know, on Twiends you technically don't really buy followers – you buy seeds which you can then use to promote yourself on the Twiends website.

Buying a featured slot gets you listed before anyone else, at a 7 seeds per follow offering, which is provided by Twiends – it will not effect the seeds in your account.

We tried buying a featured slot for an account, and the result was somewhat disappointing. Maybe because the account is very old, and has been listed in the directory for a long time – many of the active users where likely already following it.

The results from a 24 hour featured slot

We got a lot of new followers on the account, and while we haven't monitored exactly how many people have unfollowed us since the slot ended, we did get around 3000 new followers on the account – from a single featured user slot at $89.95! You can likely expect more then that, but you should also be prepared for less.

This translates to around 3 cents per follower, which is somewhat comparable to buying seeds in bulk, and offering 2 seeds per follow.

If you want to get the most from your money, you may want to just buy the seeds in bulk. 10000 seeds is currently rated at $169.95 price, and if you have listed your twitter Account at 2 seeds per follow, this would give you around 5000 followers, (not counting the drops.) Thats around 3.3 cents per follower.

Other Reports

Tyler Cruz reported getting around 3000 followers from a featured user slot, which is consistent with the results we got – and considering it was an old account we tested it on, it seems pretty decent. He mentioned this in his article: How I Gained 10,000 Real Twitter Followers – you may want to check it out as well.

The quality of the followers from Twiends

Something else that you might be interested in, is the quality of the followers you get. You need to understand the nature of Twiends – people are mostly spending their time on Twiends to get seeds, which in turn they can spend on promoting themselves. As a result, most of the followers that you get will likely be non-targeted, meaning they likely won't be interested in what you will be tweeting.

The question is if traditional advertising will have an higher ROI than spending money to attract non-targeted fans on social networks.

Posting a link on an account with 30k+ non-targeted followers will at most generate 10 clicks, and that's if we are lucky, usually it will be below 10 clicks.