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The best way to get free seeds on twiends revealed.

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:03

Twiends Logo is one of those services almost sounding to good to be true, but to really benefit from twiends, you will have to buy a subscription package, there is just no way around it – but it is worth the money!

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In this article, we will be giving you some tips that can help you use twiends, without necessarily having to buy a subscription package. You should however note, that without the seeds pack feature of VIP members, it will be very hard to maintain your seeds without setting a daily budget.

Getting free seeds on twiends

There is a couple of ways to get free seeds, and while it likely doesn't look like to amount to much, you can still make a decent number of seeds per day, without touching the daily following limits of your twitter account.

Generally it should be save to follow and unfollow a few hundred users every day, without getting into any trouble with twitter. Twiends will not allow you to unfollow people followed trough twiends right away, you will have to wait some days before unfollowing them – otherwise you might loose your account on – you will likely get a warning before that happens though, so even if you should happen to unfollow to many, you can always slow down a bit.

On twiends you get 10 seeds per day (VIPs get 25) just for visiting, thats 3850 in a year (9625 seeds for VIPs.) Sadly, a lot of people will unfollow you, even with your twitter account setup as recommended – this is not a problem for VIPs, since they will get their seeds back.

The best way to get free seeds, aside from visiting twiends every day, is to follow other users. Featured users will give you 7 seeds, and they are regularly updated. Following other users will normally just give you 1 seed, but if done right, this can turn out to be very valuable.

Following for seeds

When you are following for seeds, you should keep in mind that many users also follow you back. It doesn't matter much that you only get 1 seed, because you can just unfollow everyone who doesn't follow you back within a reasonable amount of time – twiends may not like that you do this, but its the hard reality of the site design they have chosen, and it can't be prevented. This way you should at least be able to gain a couple of hundred seeds each day.

Many of the users who follow you, will also be thinking the same way – this means that they will unfollow you if you don't follow them back. Getting unfollowed can often be avoided by setting up your twiends account to automatically follow back everyone with seeds, and it may even earn you some free seeds in the process. If you get a minimum of 1 seed for following them, and they take 2 seeds from your pool, a follow would only have cost you as little as 1 seed!

According to twitters rules on atomization, automatically following back people who follow you is allowed. You should check the rules to see if this has changed.

Finally. Setting a daily budget may seem more or less useless at first, but it can both be useful to save seeds for later, if you expect not to be using twiends for awhile, or if you just want to save seeds to be spent quickly later.

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It is rather difficult to maintain your seeds on twiends with just a free account, but not entirely impossible. However, becoming a VIP is a must if you want to make the most out of twiends. The seeds back feature is just to valuable to be missing out on.