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Get more followers on Twitter

How to easily get more followers on twitter, by aiming for higher backfollow ratio.

Edited: 2012-02-25 15:41

Most of you are likely familiar with the follow and unfollow tactic, that has been employed by many twitter users to bump their followers into the thousands. Well the simple truth is that its tedious to do manually, since the backfollow rate is anywhere from 0 to 100 percent.

Of cause you are very unlikely to experience a 100 percent backfollow rate, but there also is a lesser known technique to achieve pretty nice rates, making the technique much more valuable.

Follow followers of the right Users

You are surely not the only user why follows and unfollows, a lot of people has been using that technique, so why not let them do the work for you? Thats right! You can simply target those users, and start following their followers, as they are much more likely to follow you back!

There are also many #FollowBack tags you can search for, the people mentioning these in their posts are also more likely to follow back, and that often goes for their followers as well.