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Getting More From Twiends

How you can optimize your results on twiends, by avoiding people unfollow you.

Edited: 2015-04-15 13:11

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In this twiends tutorial, you will learn how you can get better results simply by making some smaller adjustments to your settings. In case you haven't already noticed, most serious twitter users occasionally unfollow users who do not follow them back – many of the users using twiends could be considered "serious" twitter users, often heavily focused on networking.

The biggest problem you face with twiends, is likely that people follow you, only to unfollow you later. But there are ways that you can avoid many people unfollowing you, simply by following the number one unofficial following rule on twitter – that is: I follow you, you follow me!

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Simple Adjustment of Twiends Settings

First and foremost, it is to be recommended that you lower the seeds that you offer, as there is no reason to keep this higher than the lowest possible – this is really a flaw on twiends, so hopefully they will improve this in the future.

The amount of seeds that you should offer is obvious, but there also is a overlooked feature that allows you to automatically follow back users who follow you – this feature is highly underestimated by a lot of users of – not only will it save followers by avoiding that many people just unfollow you again, it might also bring in extra seeds trough the "only those with seeds" option.

Setting the Follow Back feature to only those with seeds will presumably earn you some seeds from following them back. Of course you should be following back most people to maximize your reach, so following back the rest from twitter, can avoid problems with drop rates on twiends – should they later unfollow you, and you unfollow them.

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What is the safety of Auto-following?

Update 2013-07-11 – Twitter recently changed their rules on auto-followback, see: Twitter Disallowed Auto-followback

Auto-following in it self can be dangerous to your twitter account if discovered, but its different for auto-back-following behavior, which was allowed by twitter as of the writing of this.

The only auto-following behavior Twitter allows is automated or bulk follow-back. This refers to following a user after they have followed you.

If worried about this being a problem, you'd better check the latest rules and guidelines by twitter before automating parts of your twitter use.