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Review of Google Chrome

This is just a short review of Google Chrome.

Edited: 2011-08-17 04:48

Google Released a Bata of their Browser not long ago, one of my first thoughts was (like there wasn't more then enough browsers already).

Brugbart and my Blog

I was afraid that Chrome might not had been able to render my blog at, which was originally based on a very complex equal-height and position based CSS layout, it however rendered the site quite nicely. It also seams that it renders Brugbart without major problems. However it doesn't seam to like my Syntax Highlighting script, which both works in IE7 and FireFox.


At first i was happy to provide users with this extra functionality, but it doesn't seam like browsers care to make JavaScript work as supposed. Just in a time where less hacks and CSS tricks are needed, maybe i should just do everything server-side?

The Review

We can only hope that Google takes up the responsibility which Microsoft lacks, to actually update their Browsers on a regular basics. Its very important that browser developers start to look forward, not to mention start supporting current standards. And its even more important that web designers stop looking backwards, in the direction of old and broken browsers.

Every update matters, even if its just support for a single CSS property.

The Interface

First, it wouldn't seam i was asked if i would like anything imported from other browsers, it just did so without even asking, which was the first sign of neglecting the user.

The interface which first meets you, is a blank page, including your bookmarks, and a few "quick"-buttons leading to the most visited pages, these will be filled as you start using Chrome. I would however prefer to customize these quick-buttons, the "most visited" is not exactly helpful. I also think that this is functionality which all browsers should include, it takes little effort, and dose no harm. One of the only reasons i would have to use Opera, would be its "quick buttons".

Browser Settings

I'm somewhere disappointed in the settings menu, which is not only awfully, and more or less incorrect translated into the danish "Valgmuligheder", which confuses new users, it should have been translated into "indstillinger".

Maybe they are using Google Translator to translate their apps? It sure seams like it!

Lacking Options

The settings menu also seams to lack in every aspect, it doesn't seam to have a plugins tab, and it doesn't seam to allow us to control other security settings, other then cookies.

Not that i need these settings anyway, i would be crazy to turn off basic functionality such as JavaScript. Nevertheless, such settings should still be included for testing purposes. Some may often turn off JavaScript temporarily to test something.

Missing GUI Buttons

I haven't been able to locate a button for the drop-down menu which shows a list of visited URLs. For me this is basic functionality, because i don't bookmark all my URLs, and I'm to lazy to start typing just to enable the drop-down. Finally i dislike the idea that this List of URLs should be polluted by URLs i didn't visit. The "Home" Button is also missing, maybe they expect people to have their start-page open in another tab, at all-times?

Not to mention that its a bad design practice not to add a GUI control for a function, its like relying on color alone.

Finally Chrome is also missing the history button next to the back and forward buttons, instead of providing this simple and helpful button, chrome requires you to hold down the mouse button on one of the buttons, this takes longer then normally.

For Web Designers

One of the better functions, is the ability to right-click any element, and show details about the element. Surely this functionality is not new. I.E. Firebug.

Summing up

I don't like google chrome, it has some added functionality which could be useful to a few users. But it seams to be totally lacking in other aspects, not to mention it lacking support for JavaScript. The marketing phase "One box for everything" is ridiculous, they seam to totally neglect basic functionality, which has been included in other browsers for years. I would also like to see more customization options, the ability to turn off their polluting of my search history for instance.

The Home button can however be turned on in the Basics tab, in the Home page section simply check the Show Home button on the toolbar checkbox. But it still requires a few more clicks. I sure don't expect to spend extra time trying to get my pages to work in Chrome, and certainly not my JavaScript which already works in both IE7 and Firefox.