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Googles DNS not working – here is what to do

Sometimes it seems that Google DNS stops working, for no apparent reason.

Edited: 2015-05-29 02:21

By. BlueBoden

I usually use Googles DNS, but lately I've had problems with my DNS connectivity, making it seem like i am unable to connect to the internet. Google Chrome will simply show a message like:

This webpage is not available


While the cause of the problem is unknown to me, it seems to be only temporary. After waiting for a little while, i will again be able to use the internet.

Pinging the DNS servers will reveal that they are still responding, perhaps indicating that the problem is not with Googles DNS, or maybe a problem with the requests themselves.

What makes it even more strange, is that changing DNS to OpenDNS immediately solves the problem, indicating that Google might be to blame after all. I don't really care what the problem is, since simply changing the DNS servers is enough to fix it.

Below i included the DNS for both Google and OpenDNS, in case someone needs them.


Google DNS: