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How Google+ effects SEO

How dose Google+ effect SEO? And can we use social networks to our advantage?

Edited: 2012-09-10 13:10

Google+ Logo

Some time ago Google announced that they where using Facebook and Twitter as ranking factors, sites that are still relatively easy to manipulate to get more connections. Facebook have the tightest security, and also limited the "suggest to friends" feature for pages recently, making it so that only admins of a page are able to suggest friends to like a page. But despite these anti-spam efforts, social networks still remain as one of the best direct/indirect SEO tools.

Google+ will effect SEO by promoting results/pages in the SERPs that have been submitted by people in your network, obviously this is also very easy to manipulate to your advantage. Spammers are already adding people like crazy, in the hope that they can use Google+ for SEO purposes. Users however need to be logged in, to encounter content added by people in their circles.

There are more hints in Google Webmaster tools, though we have yet to see any data for Brugbart. A category for Google+ was added, showing as +1 metrics, with a whole bunch of subcategories.

+1 matrix in webmaster tools.

Searching is becoming more social

Searching on Google is becoming more social, including results submitted by people in your circles. Of cause this is just Google trying to improve their search engine, but having the results polluted by a bunch of recommendations from friends, may not always be what you want.

For SEOs however, this is certainly something to look into. Just keep in mind, that mindlessly adding irrelevant people who don't know you, likely won't establish the interest necessary for a user to click something that you submitted to google+.

Online marketing campaign

Its important to focus your attention on clear marketing goals. It could be a certain theme, including certain colors, or certain humorous side-kicks. Things that will make it easier for people to recognize you online, and this might not work out overnight.

Some layouts may seem to far from what people are used to, but that doesn't mean that they ain't useful. A good designer will be able to picture whether a given design will work, and if you got that picture, just stick with it. As people start to become aware of your site, that design may be part of what makes your site stand out. The same goes for certain themes, colors, music, or whatever you use in your campaigns.

SEO is not just about link submissions and spam, there really is a whitehat category, which really pays to work at in the long run. Going strictly whitehat however, likely won't work very well for many sites, and thats where social media can be a big help in a well executed campaign, and a nice alternative to manually building links.

Enjoy it while it lasts however. Spammers are increasingly attacking social networks, and Facebook has already made it difficult to gain likes for pages. Twitter and Google+ will likely implement similar limitations as Facebook, hopefully they won't make same mistake as Facebook, where they basically removed the "suggest page" feature for non-admins. Limitations is the alternative, based on pattern matching and something like user trust levels.