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How Much Money can you Earn on Blogging?

This detailed article talks about the potential in blogging and earning money online.

Edited: 2012-11-15 13:48

First of all, you should be very careful about jumping on the "making money online wagon", there are entire websites dedicated to the subject, and they are generally all made with one single purpose: Making money online! Brugbart is not one of those sites – Brugbart is a real information based site, mainly hosting tutorials in programming and web-development.

Sites that are dedicated to the subject of making money online often rely on one simple tactic, that is to take advantage of people interested in the subject. Some might provide valuable information, but somehow it just doesn't seem very professional to earn money on a site about making money online – all trough there could be sites operating on a professional level. Most sites will attempt to teach you about malicious methods to earn money on your own website, often methods that can get you banned with advertising networks that you are using.

Having that said, it is quite possible to earn money on your blog – just how much money you can make on your blog mostly depends on the amount of incoming traffic, and various of smaller details.

Requirements and Qualifications Needed to Succeed

People who earn money on blogging are often skilled with servers and Content Management Systems – it isn't always the case, but if something goes wrong, its nice to be able to fix it on your own – some people even create their own CMS, and might even be hosting their own website, on their own server! Don't be discouraged now, there are plenty of free CMS options to choose from.

As for hosting of your website, it is to be recommended that you do at least buy your own domain name, and find yourself a suitable host.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your own domain name will be an important part of your "branding" and generally the whole "establishing an authority on a subject" process. You could create a website on just about anything, and be successful about it! I.e: Skiing, sailing, exercise. And so on! Choose a name that people will recognize, one that you can easily build into a authority brand – in short, think bigger than small!

Don't choose a domain name simply because your main keywords is part of the domain – its a bad practice followed by all the losers – all those wannabe rich online fast people warned about in the beginning of the article! :-)

What we care about is a name that is easy to work with – a old, but forgotten word in the profession. If you think bigger then small, then you will choose something irrelevant – something in the "abstract" – because this will better allow you to expand into other categories later on.

It would be really strange if you owned, and started to write about sailing – of course it is not much of a problem once your brand is established.

Getting Traffic for Your Blog

As a Blogger, the amount of revenue that you are able to create will mostly depend on the amount of traffic that your blog receives. It can be a good idea to have some set goals, as of how many visitors you want to gain in a specific amount of time – advertising can help you reach those goals faster, if you can afford it.

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Online, Traffic is money. A lot of work is needed to get that traffic – a lot of which, likely will be from search engines. But that is covered better in other Articles on Brugbart.

How Much can you earn on Blogging?

The amount of money that you can earn on blogging, is almost directly connected with your website traffic, but mostly your own ability, or luck at selling pixels from your site. You will most likely need more than 20000 unique visitors per month to earn any significant amount of money from your website – but again, it mostly depends on your own ability to sell pixels.

Trying to sell pixels online can be compared to selling sand in the desert – your spot in the desert needs to be very attractive for advertisers wanting to put up their sign posts.