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htaccess Tutorial

Learn how to use htaccess to easily customize your server setup.

Edited: 2014-10-30 18:42

htaccess files can be used to apply configuration changes per-directory basis.

The htaccess Tutorial on Brugbart provides help on how to perform many common tasks with htaccess.

Below is a collection of Tutorials, and other useful resources.

Htaccess Tutorials

  1. Custom Error Pages
  2. Using Mod_Rewrite
  3. Redirecting pages with htaccess
  4. Redirecting www to non and non to www
  5. Blocking IPs with Htaccess
  6. Adding support for PHP in HTML files with htaccess

Articles on Htaccess

Common Problems and Solutions

  1. Missing URL GET Parameters when using mod_rewrite – How to keep your Query strings intact when using mod_reqrite