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HTML Reference

Includes a link to each HTML element covered in Brugbarts Reference.

Edited: 2014-01-04 19:03

Comments in HTML.How to Write comments in HTML
The doctype DeclarationThe Importance of the Doctype.
html ElementThe first Element in HTML
head ElementThe head section.
style ElementApplies styling in the Document.
meta tags ElementUsed for meta Data.
link ElementLinks to a resource, I.E External StyleSheets.
title ElementDocument title, this is what shows in search engines.
body ElementThe body section.
section ElementCreates a section level in a page
nav ElementUsed for main site-navigation links
header ElementUsed to markup Header content on a page or in a Section of a page.
footer ElementUsed to markup footer content on a page or in a Section of a page.
article ElementGenerally marks the Main Content of a page.
div ElementUsed for layout, and to create divisions in pages.
span ElementUsed for layout purposes, creates a section in the document.
h1 to h6 ElementsHeadlines, used for article titles, subtitles, etc.
p ElementParagraph, used for text.
br ElementUsed to "force" a linebreak.
a ElementAnchor (AKA Link).
ol ElementCreates an ordered list, recommended for links.
ul ElementCreates an unordered list, recommended for links.
li ElementUsed together with OL's and UL's, creates a list item.
strong ElementStrongly Emphasized text.
em ElementEmphasized text.
b ElementMakes text bold.
u ElementDeprecated, was used to underline text.
i ElementMakes text Italic.
form ElementForms are used to submit data.
input ElementUsed together with forms, creates a input field.
label ElementCreates a label for a given form control.
textarea ElementCreates a text area.
button ElementCreates a push button.
frameset ElementCreates a set of frames, used to organize multiple frames.
frame ElementUsed to embed a page, inside another, in a "frame".
noframes ElementUsed together with frames, for browsers unable to render frames.
iframe ElementUsed to embed a page, inside another, in a inline "frame".
blockquote ElementUsed for long quotations.
q ElementUsed for short quotation.
hr ElementCreates a horizontal rule.
img ElementUsed to insert images and image maps.
object ElementUsed to embed an object, I.E. Flash.
param ElementUsed together with object, to create a parameter.
pre ElementUsed for preformatted text, useful for code examples etc.
code ElementUsed for code examples, most authors are using pre instead.
samp ElementUsed for Sample Code, most authors are using pre instead.
script ElementUsed for scripts, I.E. Javascript.
Noscript Elementused together with script, for browsers who doesn't support scripts.
table ElementCreates a table, outdated for layout, use div's instead.
tr ElementUsed together with table, to create a table row.
td ElementUsed inside table rows, to create table cells.
col ElementUsed together with table and colgroup, it only contains attributes.
colgroup ElementUsed together with tables, to group table columns.
thead ElementUsed together with table, to create a table header.
tbody ElementUsed together with table, to create a table body.
tfoot ElementUsed together with table, to create a table footer.
address ElementUsed to enter contact information for a section, or a document.
map ElementCreates an image map.
area ElementUsed to define an area in an image map.
base ElementDefines a "base URL", maybe old servers was unable to work with relative paths?
bdo ElementThe direction of text.
big ElementUsed to display "bigger" text.
small ElementUsed to display "smaller" text.
select ElementCreates a drop-down list.
option ElementUsed togetter with select, to create an option in a drop-down list.
optgroup ElementUsed together with selects, to group options.
cite ElementUsed for citations.
del ElementStrike-through text, to make it appear "deleted".
ins Elementinserted text.
kbd Elementkeyboard text.
th ElementCreates a table header.
field set ElementUsed to draw a box around containing elements.
legend ElementCreates a title in a field set.
dl ElementCreates a definition list.
dd ElementUsed together with dl, to Create a definition description.
dfn ElementCreates a definition term.
dt ElementCreates a definition term.
sup ElementSuperscripted text.
sub ElementSubscripted text.
tt ElementTeletype text.
abbr ElementAbbreviation. Used to markup a shortened Word or Phrase.
acronym ElementAcronym. Used to markup a shortened word or phrase, which creates a new Pronounceable Word.
var ElementDeclares a variable.
details ElementUsed to keep details about file transfers etc. En example of this would be for file uploads. The details can be shown if the user requests it, and can be used for additional information or controls.