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HTML Button Tag

Reference on how to use the Button element of HTML. Includes a list of allowed attributes, and a useful example.

Edited: 2014-12-28 07:03

The HTML Button Element is used to create push buttons, these can either be used to submit a Form, or used together with JavaScript to complete a custom task.


AttrsOther AttributesCommon, I18n, Event
DisabledDisabledDisables the Element
nameCharacter Data
valueCharacter Data
typebutton|submit|resetfor use as form button
tabindexNUMBERposition in tabbing order
accesskey{CHARACTER}position in tabbing order
onfocusScriptThe element got the focus
onblurScriptThe element lost the focus

HTML Button Example

<p><button>Push Me!</button></p>

You can also use images inside the button element, simply place a img element inside the button like shown in the below example.

<p><button><img src="/my-image.png" alt="Push Me!"></button></p>