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HTML Global Attributes

List of global attributes in HTML.

Edited: 2014-01-04 22:09

styleUsed to apply styles.
titleUsed for tool-tips.
classUsed to group elements together, which can then be styled through the us of CSS selectors
idSets a unique id for the element, which can then be used when scripting.
langSets the language of the element and its children.
dirControls the direction for text.
translateSpecifies whether the elements content is to be translated when the page is localized.
tabindexControls the tab sequential focus navigation of the tab key.
spellcheckControls whether the element is to have its grammar checked.
hiddenElements with this attribute set will be hidden.
draggableAllow or disallow dragging of the element.
dropzoneControls whether the dropped item should be copied, moved, or linked from its original location.