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Reference showing how to use the i Tag of HTML. Includes a list of allowed Attributes, and a Useful Example.

Edited: 2016-01-09 07:36

The HTML i element is used to represent text in a different mood or voice, and can also be used to markup technical terms and taxonomic designations.

There has been some confusion surrounding the the i element, so hopefully this will make things more clear. It is not the same as the em element. The em element is used for emphasized text, where the i element is used mainly to markup technical terms.


<p><b>html</b> is a <i>markup language</i> used to build websites and markup different kinds of <b>media</b>, including <i>text</i> and <i>video</i>.</p>


Attribute: Value: Description:
Global Attributes Varies The Global attributes can be used on any HTML element.