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HTML Table Tag

Reference on the HTML table Tag. Including its history and useful example, and a list of the allowed attributes.

Edited: 2014-12-28 07:10

The Table element of HTML is used for tabular data.

It also got a long history as one of the only ways to layout a website, back when standards was still in their infant stages. But this practice is strongly discouraged with the advance of CSS, and its accompanied support in browsers.


AttrsOther AttributesCommon, Event, I18n
summaryTextUsed to describe the table content for speach output

Additional attributes

Note. Additional attributes which may be of interest, these are not deprecated, but one should check to make sure that CSS alternatives doesn't exist, or isn't supported by the latest browsers.

WidthUnits of MeasurementDefines the width of the element, it is recommended to use the CSS width property instead.
borderPixelsDefines the width of the table-border in pixels, its recommended to use the Border Properties of CSS instead. Use Border-collapse to remove the space between borders.
cellspacingUnits of MeasurementDefines the spacing between cells. You may want to consider using the css Border-spacing Property instead.
cellpaddingUnits of MeasurementDefines the spacing within cells. Its recommended to use the CSS Padding Properties instead.


<table summary="This table contains a list of allowed attributes for the table element.">
  <td>Width</td><td>Units of Measurement</td><td>Defines the width of the table</td>

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