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Reference on how to properly use the HTML Title tags.

Edited: 2014-12-28 05:49

The title tag is used to to give your website or document a title, which is displayed in the title of browser windows, and used by search engines in the SERPs.

Usage of the Title Element

The title goes in the head section of your pages. It is a good idea to think about your choice of title, since it will be the first thing people see on search engines. Its generally good to include relevant Keywords and Keyphrases in the title, but only to the extend it that makes sense to your visitors. An example of how to use the html title tags, can be seen below.

  <title>Learn By Doing -</title>


You should carefully consider your choice of title, it should make sense to your visitors. So don't begin the title with promotional text, since that just lowers the chance that users will click your site in the search results, let alone that it will show up for their search string. The wrong way to do it is shown below:

<title> - Learn By Doing</title>
<title> - About the title Tag</title>

If you must have promotional text, included in the html title element, then do it after the real title, like below:

<title>Learn By Doing -</title>
<title>About the title Tag -</title>

Consider how your site will show up in the search results, websites with a relevant title will have higher click ratio, and generally get a higher placement in the search results.

The best way to use the title tag, is not to include promotional text at all, since it makes your site look cleaner, and it is likely to increase your keyword relevancy. I.e.

<title>About the title Tag</title>