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The supplied description is inadequate in Technorati

Why do some sites think they are special because they reject submissions at random?

Edited: 2012-11-06 23:04

Many directories as well as promotion services, have strict rules about what can be submitted, and some even how you use their services. Without giving away any names, Brugbart has run into sites, who demand that you also comment or vote on the content submitted by other people. One of the main purposes of these sites, is to provide do-follow backlinks, and some may even provide a little traffic as bonus.

The above is not the case with technorati however. With technorati its the approval process which is the bottleneck. Even after providing the code they ask for in a post, it seems that your site claim still needs to be manually reviewed. Brugbart has been approved before, but recently updated its RSS feed URL, to include more than just the articles that are published in a separate feed. Technorati however didn't like this one bit, and decided to reject the submission. Not once, but twice, even after the description was changed.

The supplied description is inadequate, or does not seem to match the content of the site. Please update your claim with an appropriate description below and choose the "Update Description" button.

So what should you do about this? Well theres not much you can do, other than try to "improve" what they think is a bad description. Try to make a longer description, perhaps covering your categories more in detail. Technorati doesn't seem to tell you exactly what it considers an appropriate description. This might be something which is decided by whoever reviews your claim.

Technorati however, might not really be worth the effort. Its a little like Dmoz, and a little like Alexa. It likely won't give you more visitors or attention, and its authority rank is more or less useless.